G. L. Rees

Writer. Reader. Aspiring memory.


I’m in my late twenties (for at least another few months), and just graduated with first class honours in an English BA. Most of my course – and indeed all of my final year – was made up of creative writing modules and projects. I decided pretty early on that I would very much like to be a writer.​

When I was still a child. I always had a flair for language and a love of reading – but writing for a living was a thing of fantasy! An entirely unattainable pipe dream, I thought, and continued thinking as I embarked upon an ennui-riddled six years in a civil service job.

I think, during that six years, I wrote the first two chapters of maybe a million* different novels. I spent time writing collaboratively online with others in every genre I could. I wrote poems (terrible poems) about teenage heartache – closely followed by (slightly less terrible) poems about early-twenties heartache. I always tried to remember to take a book into the bathroom, but failed – and consequently ended up able to recite the ingredients, verbatim, of Pantene pro-V. I took on the most difficult cases I could at work, because the thing I was administering was jargon laden and complex – which meant I got to write long, elaborate letters to members of the public to help them understand. I despaired at poor grammar and begged my boss to allow me to train people to write letters. I rolled words around my lips if they tickled my fancy, and reveled in looking up oddities in the dictionary. Still do, in fact.​

But through all of that, every fizzled novel, every story, every poem… throughout it all – I still never considered that I could be a writer. I knew that I could write. That’s why I chose English as my degree subject. But to be a writer? Little old me? Pfft!

But that was then – and with a little luck and a little magic, and a whole bucket-load of dedication, dreams can come true. Now I’m a freelancer, doing what I love, and loving doing it a little more every day. If you’re looking for a gut-wrenching short story, a children’s tale, a marketing letter, a product description, or anything in-between – no matter what the tone, from professional to personal – why not hire someone who will love every second of doing it for you!

For more information about hiring me, or to view my portfolio or contact me, please click here.


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