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Cheap Confidence!

On July 22nd I posted about the Writer Unboxed flash fiction contest, and the inspiration it gave me to write and submit a short-short. Well, I’m a winner! I was quite surprised to see my name up there, and grateful too! Not only did the competition give me the opportunity to craft something I might not have – I have to admit that the win is a bit of a confidence boost, too. Here’s my entry:


I run my finger down his tubby little arm, following the contours of the rolls of baby fat. It’s been seven months now, since he was born.

He’s got my eyes. I knew it. I knew it from the moment I saw Jenny waddling through town in August. It was eight months after the Christmas party. Oh, she denied it when I asked. Told me the baby wasn’t mine. Said it was her husband’s. Said: “Get the hell away from me, Chris. Jesus. I told you it was over at the New Year party.”

I understand though. I’ll forgive her, in time.

My son stirs a little, and gurgles. He’s going to be a man’s man. We’ll play football together. I’ll grin when he mimics me and makes old man faces. We’ll look back at pictures of the pink blanket and laugh. I’ll say it was the best I could do, and he’ll understand.

A strobe of blue flashes over the wall, illuminating a splatter of red. It looks dark purple. I should have thought of that color for this room. A loudspeaker crackles into life.

“Christopher. We’ve posted a phone through the letterbox. Pick it up, buddy.”

I snort and look down at Jenny. Her eyes are wide over the duck tape, but she’ll come around. She’s already recoiled from her husband.

I look at him. Cold. Still. Leaking.

My hand relaxes on the gun resting on my knee, and I make soothing shushing sounds into the crib.

I hope you enjoyed it. And don’t forget to check out this week’s competition over at Writer Unboxed and give it a go. Even my dad’s entering this week!

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